6 ways to combat drought and desertification

Photos: UNDP Chile
Combarbalá is one of the areas of Chile affected by drought and desertification. Photo: Sergio García/UNDP Chile

Sustainable energy

Marjorie Figueroa and other entrepreneurs developed renewable energy sources. Photo: Nelson González
Luis Plaza installed a system of biofilters in his house and hopes that it can be an inspiration for other families. Photo: Cristian Martínez

Water recycling

Biofilters allow water to be recycled to irrigate family gardens. Photos: UNDP Chile

Pure mountain water

With greater availability of water, communities can develop agriculture without problems. Photo: UNDP Chile
Maria coordinated the project in her community, from the arrival of the materials until the water sprouted again in her garden. Photos: UNDP Chile

Fog, source of life

Daniel Rojas is president of the community and proudly shows the fog-catching system. Photo: Daniel Rojas

Rain water

Twenty-two families installed rainwater harvesting systems linked to greenhouses. Photos: Sergio García/UNDP Chile
Vitalicia, her husband and daughters now have a greenhouse at home, where they can plant vegetables for their own consumption. Photo: Sergio García / UNDP Chile

Climate-resilient seeds

UNDP photos
Photo: UNDP Chile




Transforming our world #By2030. Visit us at www.undp.org

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UN Development Programme

UN Development Programme

Transforming our world #By2030. Visit us at www.undp.org

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