Women in Buenos Aires, Argentina take part in a protest for reproductive rights. Photo: Shutterstock

This Human Rights Day UNDP is celebrating the achievements of those who have fought for and protected human rights, as well as reflecting on what still needs to be done to make society fairer for everyone.

UNDP is answering the Secretary-General’s Call to Action on Human Rights, with its focus…

UNDP supports Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan, including a project with the government to improve waste management in Jordan and create sustainable livelihoods. Photo: UNDP/Sumaya Agha

Migrants have the potential to expand their own income, education, health and life choices, to fill labour gaps, create businesses, innovate and pay taxes in their host countries. They send remittances to their families left behind, investing and financing local development initiatives.

By extending a welcome, host communities can play…

By Maria Martirosyan

Participation in sports and physical activity has been associated with improved physical, psychological, social and spiritual health for young people. Photo: Street Workout Armenia

Stepanavan is one of the promising small cities in the north of Armenia, situated in Lori province. It’s surrounded by breathtaking nature, inhabited with the most warm-hearted people. Stepanavan’s young people are very motivated, friendly and they like exercising together and socializing.

HIV continues to be a public health priority in the Republic of South Sudan with an estimated 2.2 percent prevalence among adults and only 23 percent of people living with HIV on treatment. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting socio-economic shocks have created new challenges. …

The connection between gender violence and the Sustainable Development Goals

UNDP is working to approach an age-old wrong with fresh new ideas. The Ending Gender-based Violence and Achieving the SDGs (2018–2022) is testing new approaches in seven countries to reduce gender-based violence and accelerate progress towards other development goals. Photo: UNDP Peru

Sometimes the first step towards change is a small one. Quite literally.

Like for the dance teacher Chado Namgyel, Founding Member of Gokab Studio and Community Center in Bhutan, who changed his teaching methods after learning that the damaging social…

In their own words: Women’s rights activists in the Middle East/North Africa region speak out on what is needed to build a safer world.

Women living in crisis settings are particularly vulnerable to gender-based violence. Photo: UNDP Iraq/Claire Thomas

In crisis, as many as 70 percent — more than two in three women — experience some form of gender-based violence. This shocking statistic is not…

A Generation17 young leader reflects on the UN Climate Change Conference

“Don’t cop out”: A protester urges world leaders at COP26 not to forget their commitments on climate action. Photo: Shutterstock

By Máximo Mazzocco

Another COP is in the books, making it 26! On the one hand, what we expected happened: grandiose declarations, announcements and promises, insufficient progress in the negotiations, delay in the implementation of concrete plans, and a…

A new way of registering births and deaths in the West Bank

The Palestinian Ministry of the Interior, working with the Ministry of Health and UNDP, has established a system of digital registration of births and deaths in the West Bank. Photo: UNDP PAPP

Nader Atta was gazing out his office window one day early in the pandemic. His office, on a top floor of a downtown Ramallah building, looks out onto a government building, where he frequently takes meetings with staff at the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior. …

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