Back to school

Displaced by conflict, children from Ubari, southern Libya, return home and to the classroom.

They were separated by violent conflict in their country three years ago. But today, hundreds of students are happy to be back at their school in southern Libya and to reconnect with their former mates.

Alqurania School in Ubari reopened on 1 November 2017 after being closed for a year due to the damage caused by the conflict that took place in the city in 2014.
A class is in session at a school recently renovated by the Stabilization Facility for Libya.

“It feels great being with my friends again,” she added. “The people and this place mean a lot to me.”

Students attend class at Alkorania school in Ubari, Libya.
Some families did not have the resources to leave the city or send their children to other schools, so they kept going to class in the ruined building.
Alqurania School in Ubari before and after renovation

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