Climate change in Asia and the Pacific. What’s at stake?

©UNDP/Azza Aishath
A two metre sea level rise could displace over 180 million people, mostly across Asia. ©UNDP Bangladesh/GMB Akash
©UNDP/Azza Aishath
The Mekong river is very low at the end of the dry season. Prek Ta Am Village, Bos Learv Commune, Jit Borey district. ©UNDP/Arantxa Cedillo
Climate change is directly linked to coral bleaching, putting biodiversity and marine ecosystems at risk. ©Damsea/
Planting of Rhizophora mangrove seedlings in an estuary in Bali at low tide to help fight erosion. UNDP assists countries around the world to adapt to the effects of climate change. ©UNDP Indonesia/ Tim Laman

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