COP26: Let’s be honest with ourselves

“Don’t cop out”: A protester urges world leaders at COP26 not to forget their commitments on climate action. Photo: Shutterstock
The UN Climate Conference (COP26) has been called “perhaps the most important meeting since World War II”.
Outside the conference halls in Glasgow, protesters, young and old, took to the streets to call attention to the climate and ecological crisis.
Generation17 leader Máximo Mazzocco meets 12-year-old climate activist Francisco Vera at COP26 (left). Demonstrators in Glasgow demand stronger climate action (right).
  • 1) concrete, realistic and inclusive energy transition plans;
  • 2) easier access to climate finance with transparent and accountable instruments;
  • 3) guaranteed participation of youth in decision-making with implications for climate change (those who will inherit the consequences of decisions must have an important voice at the table); and
  • 4) that comprehensive universal education on climate change be provided, adapting the message to each reality.
Youth climate activists from Latin America and the Caribbean meet up at COP26.
Young protesters show what’s at stake in climate negotiations (left). Máximo meets Txai Suruí, an Indigenous activist from the Amazon who participated in the opening of COP26 (right).




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UN Development Programme

UN Development Programme

Transforming our world #By2030. Visit us at

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