European Union helps Albania rebuild after devastating earthquake

School children are consulted on the reconstruction process, by expressing and drawing their needs and desires for their new schools.
Devastation of the November 2019 Earthquake. One year on, the destruction is still visible, offering a stark reminder that life has irrevocably changed for many.

Education — the best investment for the future

A student visits his new kindergarten being built through the EU4Schools Programme.
UNDP has held rounds of consultations with community members to get their ideas about the #SchoolIWant.

Helping small businesses recover

New schools are being repaired and built according to the best European standards of safety, low carbon emission, renewable energy, including central heating, light, green spaces, and high accessibility.

Preparing the country to cope with natural disasters and putting people at the forefront

“This house was built over 500 years ago on this hilltop. We have reconstructed the house four times due to earthquakes. The Nov. 26 earthquake was the last blow, it made the house non-habitable,” said Mark Palaj, who lives in Spiten village.


Repair or construction of 58 education facilities in the EU4Schools Programme are implemented by UNDP in Albania and funded by the European Union to the amount of US$77 million.

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