Everyday heroes who defend human rights worldwide

A judge overseeing trials for sexual gender-based violence through UNDP-supported mobile courts which travel to remote parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo. ©UNDP DRC

1. Deaf women connect to legal aid in Argentina

Ester Mancera, Mariela León Bani belong to the NGO “Enlaces Territoriales para la Equidad de Género” and Mariana Reuter works in the NGO FUNDASOR. They are our partners for “Sordas sin Violencia”, the only device in Argentina specifically created for Deaf and hearing-impaired women victims of gender-based violence to access justice and navigate the legal system. Read their full story here.

© UNDP Argentina

2. Standing up for LGBTQI communities in Barbados

René Holder-McClean-Ramirez the Co-Director of Equals Inc. and Chair of Eastern Caribbean Alliance of Diversity and Equality (ECADE).

©UNDP Barbados

3. Protecting human rights in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Norbert Bisimwa Yabe Ntaitunda is a lawyer for the South Kivu Bar Association, one of UNDP’s partner for legal aid in DRC.

© Aude Rossignol, UNDP Democratic Republic of Congo

4. A public defender’s story in Kazakhstan

“My morning begins with the words “Help!” I provide legal assistance, often free of charge for rape cases, I am engaged in legal informing of women, girls, children,” says Aiman Umarova, who has been working as a human rights lawyer and investigator for more than 25 years in Kazakhstan.

Human rights lawyer Aiman Umarova after meeting a client in Almaty. © Yulia Kozlova

5. Preventing violence against women in Lebanon

©UNDP Lebanon

6. Policing to end domestic violence in Moldova

Contantin Zestrea is a police officer working in Seliste village in the Nisporeni district in the Republic of Moldova.

Constantin with a citizen, filling out paperwork on the police car. © General Inspectorate of Police of Moldova

7. Access to justice for Palestinian women

One in two women — half of women in Gaza who have ever been married have been subject to a form of violence in the home and a third of women from the West Bank have experienced violence at home, according to UN Women. Yet, 65.3% of women in the region who experience domestic violence remain silent.

©Dania Darwish/ UNDP Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People
Police cadets train for a stake out. © Dania Darwish/ UNDP Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People

8. A hotline for domestic violence victims in Serbia

Dragana Vujinovic-Gaga works at the Autonomous Women’s Center in Belgrade. Through the center’s SOS helpline, for the past 17 years, she has been helping women who are victims of violence. She provides consultations over the phone to help them begin the first step of getting help. She also runs self-help groups for women survivors of domestic violence.

©UNDP Serbia
©UNDP Serbia



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