Five plans for carbon neutrality

A NASA photo shows the lights of major urban areas in the southeastern United States as seen from space. Credit: Elena11/
Carbon emissions from burning coal for electricity (left) have a directly increased average global temperatures, in turn increasing the frequency of severe weather such as Cyclone Kenneth, which struck Mozambique (right) in April 2019. Credit: stu120/fivepointsix/


A typical home in Bhutan is surrounded by greenery. Credit: Mathias Berlin/


One of the 200 electric buses on the streets of Santiago de Chile, Chile. Credit: Silva Villalobos/

Costa Rica

Heavy traffic in the Costa Rican capital San Jose has led the country to introduce a plan to drastically decarbonize by 2050. Credit: Luis Alvarado/


Electric vehicles (EVs) fill up a parking lot that doubles as a charging station in Oslo, Norway. The country has the world’s highest concentration of EVs. Credit: Victor Maschek/


The Koudia Al Baida wind turbine park in Morocco. ©Nicolas_photo/
Ahead of the UN Climate Summit on Sept 23rd, Secretary-General António Guterres has invited every head of state to present concrete proposals to accelerate the pace of decarbonization Credit: Alexandros Michailidis/

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