Fresh, local food in Botswana: “We are ready to meet this demand.”

Fanuel Otukile, a Horticulture Mentor from NCONGO, on the left with is mentee, Gaotshwarwe Otimile.
Noseko Keemetsekgosi with his healthy tomato plants. “We do not use any farming equipment or products which contaminates the water, so that it can continue to sustain us for the future,” he says.
Chatiwa Gaekgotswe with her son in her lettuce field. Chatiwa share.”“This project came at just the right time for us, because we were not coping.”
Earlier this year Chatiwa together with some neighbours put up an additional stand-pipe and water tank which supplies fresh water to more people.
Gaotshwarwe is the owner of Farm Dolphins, which supplies lettuce to retailers in the Maun area.
Seleho has planted herbs, okra, long beans and variety of paleka spinach, which is popular amongst the Indian community, his main customer base.
“We are hoping for the best from this project, it should change our lives in one way or the other” says Hange Chilume
Hange’s farm is in Makalmabedi, close to the Boteti River. He produces green pepper and leaf rape which he supplies to schools and local shops.
Shade nets, wells and water tanks are developing farmers’ businesses, allowing them to grow more food to meet the demands of local markets.

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