“I now believe we can do many things.”

Peru’s clean energy entrepreneurs

Photo: UNDP Peru/Jasmin Ramirez Romero
Women building more energy efficient cookstoves. In Peru’s rural areas, 42 percent of women do not earn an income, barring them from getting property, credit and independence. Through e-Mujer, they gain new skills to start their own clean energy business, earn an income, and make their lives easier. Photos: UNDP Peru/Jasmin Ramirez Romero
Eight percent of the population — nearly three million people –don’t have electricity. Most live in remote communities that the national grid can’t reach. Photo: UNDP Peru/Giulianna Camarena Montenegro
One of the keys to e-Mujer’s success is its flexible learning by doing educational approach. A travelling school that reaches out to women in their communities, e-Mujer trains women in a way that fits with their busy schedules. Photo: UNDP Peru

Unleashing the power of women

As its pilot phase is ending, e-Mujer is looking towards the future. UNDP, the Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines and partners aim to replicate the project across the country. Photo: UNDP Peru/Jasmin Ramirez Romero



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