Improving life on the inside in Benin

Prisoners learn carpentry. The United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, known as the Nelson Mandela Rules, require that prisoners be actively employed for a normal working day and that vocational training in useful trades is provided, especially for young prisoners. Photo: SNU Bénin/Yezael Adoukonou
Abomey prison. Photo: UNDP Benin/Elsie Assogba
In order to reduce the risk that detainees suffer from depression and other mental health problems, UNDP has recruited seven doctors and three psychologists, all United Nations Volunteers, including Dr. Edouard Kpahè. Photos: UNDP Benin/Elsie Assogba
Abomey prison hand washing station. Photo: UNDP Benin/Elsie Assogba
Above: At the civil prisons Abomey and Parakou inmates train in sewing and weaving. Photos: SNU Bénin/Yezael Adoukonou

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