In their words: Africa’s young innovators and advocates on the climate crisis — and our best hope to address it

Brittany Bull, 23

South African STEM champion | Facilitator in UNDP South Africa’s ‘Youth in Climate Robotics’ project

Photo: Karl Schoemaker

Kevin Ossah, 24

Togolese climate activist | Co-founder and Executive Director of the Organization of Young People Committed to Sustainable Development

Photo provided by Kevin Ossah

Kiadiatu Sheriff, 25

Liberian youth advocate | Co-founder of Liberian Youth for Climate Actions (LYCA)

Photo: UNDP Liberia

Martin Tumusiime, 25

Ugandan tech entrepreneur | CEO and Co-Founder, Yo-Waste

Photo: Yo-Waste

Elizabeth Gulugulu, 31

Zimbabwean climate action advocate | Member of African Youth Initiative on Climate Change in Zimbabwe

Photo provided by Elizabeth Gulugulu

Ange Imanishimwe, 36

Winner of YouthConnekt boot camp in Rwanda | Country Executive Director for Biodiversity Conservation Organization (BIOCOOR)

Photo provided by Ange Imanishimwe

Shamiso Winnet Mupara, 38

Environmental scientist | Executive Director, Environmental Buddies Zimbabwe Trust

Photo provided by Shamiso Winnet Mupara



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