International Women’s Day 2021

Ms. Abdullah has seen her students struggling with the double burdens of a brutal conflict and the social isolation that has come from the pandemic. Photo: UNDP Iraq/Moyasser Nasseer
Principal Abdullah’s school, which UNDP helped to rebuild, was completely destroyed during the ISIL conflict. Ms. Abdullah remembers being devastated when she visited the site. Photo: UNDP Iraq/Moyasser Nasseer
Ms. Abdullah is training the next generation of leaders at Al-Watan, where students are delighted to be back in the classroom following months of disruption. Photo: UNDP Iraq/Moyasser Nasseer
As part of its work to counter the pandemic’s disproportionate socio-economic effects on women and girls, UNDP is calling for a temporary basic income for women in developing countries to help address these severe economic challenges. Photo: UNDP Iraq/Claire Thomas
Leaders in their field, Project Manager Mahasin Thanoon Ayoob, 59, right, with Engineer Zainab Mohammed Tahir, 28, are helping to rebuild Mosul. Photo: UNDP Iraq/Claire Thomas




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UN Development Programme

UN Development Programme

Transforming our world #By2030. Visit us at

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