Living with HIV in Mali

Psycho-social support and counseling help fight discrimination and ensure continued treatment

Aissetta was thrown out of her home by in-laws who refused to have a person living with HIV under their roof.

“They told me they did not want to hear that word in their family.”

A patient receives advice at the AFAS/AMAS offices in Bamako.

Being surrounded by people who went through the same trials gave me the will to take care of myself and to continue my treatment,” she says.

Social workers of ARCAD-sida, one of the main community association fighting AIDS in Mali.
ARCAD-Sida screening offices in Bamako.
Community meals provide an opportunity for patients to share experiences.
A vehicle is rented to patients making a living as moto-taxi drivers.
A patient prepares food that she will sell on an improvised stand in front of the centre.



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