At a time when businesses are seeing dark days due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a few organizations in Nepal have been helping women make steady incomes by producing masks.

Bina Pariyar, 42 of Tarkeshore, Kathmandu, Nepal is one of the local artisans working for Hatemalo Women’s Group. She is among other local entreprenuers affected by the COVID pandemic but after her engagement with Hatemalo Women’s Group, she has been sewing local masks and earning Rs.1000(US $8.5) per day.
Women learn masking making techniques at Hatemalo women’s group.
Hatemalo women’s group packages masks to sell.
A member of SABAH weaves fabric for masks.
“Apart from feeling independent, supporting my family has made me more confident,” says Kamala Damai, one of the workers at the Hatemalo women’s group.

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