Meaningful work for those on the margins of poverty

Launched in June, UNDP’s livelihoods recovery programme, co-funded by the Royal Thai Government, aims to engage more than 5,000 women and men — especially the poor, vulnerable daily wage earners and migrant workers.
After loosing his job as a waiter during the lockdown in Kathmandu, Bika said, “I had to come back. I had no choice.” He was among 50 vulnerable people selected by the local government for a road building project.
According to a recent study commissioned by UNDP, three out of five employees in small business have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown. Bikas and 49 of his fellow villagers, have been hard at work constructing a road which connects the village to a newly-built medical clinic.
Baburam Lama is the ward chair of the Indrawati Rural Municipality.
“I had given up hope. I am glad that I got something to do in my own village,” he says. “For now, this is a great relief,” Bika shared.

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