New technology for responsible mining

Communities in Puno are making use of new technology to have mercury-free, artisanal and small-scale, gold mining, responsible for their health and the environment.

A strong community characterizes gold-mining in Puno, there is a heavy presence of cooperatives and associations.

One Ananea, multiple realities

Elvis Macedo has worked at Oro Sur Mining Cooperative as Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Manager for six years. He is from Puno, was born in Azángaro, and points out that “the great positive impact that mining leaves in Puno are the profits and economic gains that help the development and progress of the region.”

Dangers of mercury

“Mining’s most positive impact at this moment is the development of the region, but the negative that mining leaves us in Puno is the pollution caused by the use of mercury,” says Juana Quea, president of the Polar Bear Mining Society.

New mercury-free technologies

Exposure to mercury by both miners and communities can be reduced and avoided with simple and effective mercury-free technologies. To bring these technologies closer to miners, the planetGOLD Perú and GIRH-TDPS projects organized equipment and technology tests in December .

Road to a responsible gold mining

Mercury-free technology can generate not only greater profitability for the mining company, but also allows a safer and cleaner source of work.

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