Gregoria Cruz champions a culture of recycling in the city of Arequipa. Photo: UNDP Peru / Omar Lucas

From innovation, to AI, to plain old repurposing, UNDP in 2018 showcased the many ways in which we’re leading the charge towards a sustainable future.

Our multi-media stories provide a sweeping, big picture look at the most pressing challenges we face, and what UNDP is doing to tackle them. Take a look back at 2018’s five most popular.

1. We passed a very important landmark this year — the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.

2. Poverty is about much more than just lack of money. UNDP is working to ensure equal advancement for everybody.

3. The Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint to transform our world within a single generation.

4. Our water systems are out of balance, and trees are our strongest allies in the fight to secure precious resources.

5. Our addiction to single use plastic has come at a high cost — polluting vast stretches of our oceans and endangering marine life. Read what UNDP is doing to clean up.

Here’s how our most popular photo stories captured the breadth of our work.

Photo: UNDP Equator Initiative/Garth Cripps of Blue Ventures

1. In Mongolia’s capital, single use plastic is becoming a thing of the past.

2. Speaking of plastic, did you know that more than one million bags are used every minute? If that fact depresses you, then check out these ways to break up with plastic.

3. Artificial Intelligence has many ways to build a better future. It’s already making humanitarian work more efficient.

4. At UNDP we spend a lot of time thinking about the bold, big ideas to make our planet more sustainable — the ‘moon shots’. But we don’t neglect the smaller advances.

5. The tiny landlocked country of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) has moved quickly to contain its emissions.

From sustainable cities to blockchain, our blog features the many ways UNDP is using the best ideas to create a sustainable future.

Blockchain technology can enhance data security and ensure the authenticity of land records.

1. Blockchain is a technology with the potential to enrich billions of lives in countless ways.

2. Artificial Intelligence is changing our societies in ways we’re only beginning to grasp.

3. Soon most of us will live in cities and UNDP is planning for the challenges of rapid urbanization.

4. Droughts in Somalia are becoming more frequent and more severe, contributing to food insecurity, famine and displacement. UNDP is trying to break this chain of devastation.

5. The Sustainable Development Goals represent the best chance we have to create a prosperous, peaceful and inclusive future. Read about how we’re moving the SDGs from paper to practice.

From harnessing technology to creating new business models, innovation empowers individuals and communities to drive sustainable development.

We look forward to 2019, and to building on the incredible gains we’ve made. Yes, the challenges are significant, but with the guidance of the 2030 Agenda we believe we can build a sustainable world for all.

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