Save energy, save money, save CO2 emissions

How can we achieve a transformation from inefficient lighting to the latest energy-efficient technologies? Egypt is showing how quickly it can be done.

It is estimated that Egypt’s market transformation to efficient lighting can reduce total electricity consumption by an incredible 15 percent.
After switching lights in the conference centre, Bibliotheca Alexandrina decided to change lighting in the rest of library and have accrued annual savings in electricity consumption of 42 percent.
The Commercial International Bank (CIB) introduced LED lighting in all of its 160 branches nationwide.
The energy-saving initiative in the 8-floor CEDARE building has achieved annual energy savings of 41% of the total electricity consumption.
The JW Marriott Cairo Hotel was the second hotel to engage with the project and achieved a 20 percent annual reduction in electricity use.
Supermarket chains Metro and Carrefour have the switch to LED lighting.
Publicity about the costs savings in commercial buildings encourages households to consider switching to LED lights.

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