The mountain where wishes come true

Clouds envelope Azerbaijan’s Caucasus Mountains.
Ogtay Ganiyev drives through his remote village of Burovdal.
Many communities in the region have historically relied heavily on animal husbandry as their primary source of income.
The Sustainable Land and Forest Management in the Greater Caucasus landscape programme promoted beekeeping and honey production as an alternative to animal husbandry.
With support from UNDP and ABAD, new family beekeeping businesses and have become officially registered.
Through ABAD’s wide range of sales and distribution channels, these families will continue to capitalize on their produce within Azerbaijan and internationally.
New co-operatives were provided with specialized equipment for beekeeping and honey production.
High mountain flowers are known for their high fructose content and flavourful honey.
“My son used to work at a factory, but now he’s come back. Helping and learning.” — Ogtay Ganiyev

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