The road to Macomia: Notes from a SURGE advisor’s diary

Accompanied by local UN leadership, Craig flies into Equatorial Guinea in the aftermath of the explosions in Bata. Video: UNDP/Craig Castro
Craig Castro is a trained UNDP SURGE advisor with more than 20 years in international development experience. He worked in Burundi, Yemen and the Democratic Republic of Congo before joining UNDP Libya. Photo: UNDP/Craig Castro
UN Volunteers and local students assess the destruction using UNDP’s Household and Building Damage Assessment toolkit. Video: UNDP/Anila Qehaja
A severely damaged house and debris generated as a result of the explosions in Bata (left). A student from the National University of Equatorial Guinea documents building damage (right). Photos: UNDP/Anila Qehaja
The SURGE team visited several camps for internally displaced people and met with local government and UN partners to inform how UNDP would respond. Photos: UNDP/Claudia Fernandes
The UNDP SURGE team of first responders was deployed to Cabo Delgado in March amid deteriorating security conditions. Photo: UNDP/Claudia Fernandes
Gender was a key focus of the SURGE mission to Cabo Delgado with the team proposing skills training and cash-for-work activities tailored for women displaced by militancy. Photo: UNDP/Claudia Fernandes
A national United Nations Volunteer (UNV) works on visualizing the data collected through the UNDP Household and Building Damage Assessment in Bata. Photos: UNDP/Anila Qehaja




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Transforming our world #By2030. Visit us at

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