The road to recovery is paved with trust

The impact of the August 2021 earthquake in Haiti was exacerbated by Tropical Storm Grace, which made landfall two days later. Photo: UNDP Haiti
The view from a UN flight to assess damage and formulate an emergency response. Video: UNDP/Nermine Mohamed Wally
The 7.2 magnitude earthquake demolished not only buildings but also roads and national networks, hindering efforts to deliver emergency shelter, food and water. Photos: UNDP/Gerson Brandao and UNDP/Nermine Mohamed Wally
At Mairie de Cavaillon, the team met with the mayor and community leaders. The building previously renovated by UNDP was partially destroyed during the earthquake. Photo: UNDP/Nermine Mohamed Wally
Hurricane Matthew was an unforgiving category 4 storm that left tens of thousands stranded in 2016. The SURGE response relied on the same actors and organizations who were active then to start recovery work after the 2021 earthquake. Photo: UN/Logan Abassi
The SURGE team prepares to board a UN Humanitarian Air Service flight, headed to the most affected areas in Grand Sud. Photo: UNDP/Nermine Mohamed Wally
Heavy equipment is brought in to start clearing rubble as post-disaster needs assessments continue. Photo: UNDP Haiti




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UN Development Programme

UN Development Programme

Transforming our world #By2030. Visit us at

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