Violence against women holds everyone back

UNDP is working to approach an age-old wrong with fresh new ideas. The Ending Gender-based Violence and Achieving the SDGs project (2018–2022) is testing new approaches in seven countries to reduce gender-based violence and accelerate progress towards other development goals. Photo: UNDP Peru
Traditional Bhutanese woman dancers during Thimphu Tshechu. Women and girls gained improved equality and inclusion when they were no longer seen as weaker than men. Photo: Shutterstock
Female family members pose for a picture with the bride during a wedding in Uganda. While gender-based violence often comes from known, close individuals such as partners, it can take multiple generations to change the cycle. UNDP is working with communities to end it. Photo: Shutterstock
A southeast Asian woman protests against gender-based violence with messages written across her face. No society is untouched by it, with approximately one in three women affected. Photo: Shutterstock
The UNDP 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign video on #OrangeTheWorld, to “end violence against women and girls now!”
The negative impacts of gender-based violence cut across health, livelihoods and even climate change. Photos: UNDP Zambia (left), UNDP Jordan (right)
Bias and discrimination based on gender, from an early age, only promotes inequality in society. Rights and freedoms are slowly opening up to women where they did not exist previously, and with it empowerment is creating healthier communities. Photos: UNDP Lebanon (left), UNDP Pakistan (right)




Transforming our world #By2030. Visit us at

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UN Development Programme

UN Development Programme

Transforming our world #By2030. Visit us at

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