Waste not, want not; meeting rural energy needs and cutting CO2 emissions

A clean, sustainable and cheap energy source guarantees the well-being of rural communities and reduces deforestation in Botswana.

Lobaste brigade students building a biodigester on a cattle farm in Rhamatlabama.
Clockwise from top left: : Botswana is one of Africa’s largest producers of cattle; Organic matter is an endless source of energy; Fertilizer produced by a biodigester.
In rural Botswana, firewood is the main source of energy for domestic use. But the increasing energy needs of rural communities have led to large-scale deforestation, pushing CO2 emissions upwards, and contributing to soil erosion and biodiversity loss.
So far, 36 young people have been trained and certified to understand the technology and construct biogas digesters using bricks, sand and water — materials that are readily available.
Clockwise from top left: Farmer Faith Malefo Gabonthone stirs her digester; Faith cooks with the gas produced by her biodigester; “Now I don’t have to fetch firewood before I can prepare tea. Life has become easier,” Faith said.
Watch the video, “Energy Fields Biogas Production. “

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