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A new way of registering births and deaths in the West Bank

The Palestinian Ministry of the Interior, working with the Ministry of Health and UNDP, has established a system of digital registration of births and deaths in the West Bank. Photo: UNDP PAPP
Before digitalization, new parents faced a cumbersome, time-consuming process to register a birth. Because of the difficulty, parents sometimes put off the task. Photos: UNDP PAPP
Without an official birth certificate, a new baby could lose access to critical state services, freedoms and even citizenship. Photo: UNDP PAPP
West Bank hospitals now can enter details of births and deaths into an online system with a direct link to the Ministry of the Interior. Digitalization ensures the Ministry has accurate and timely data and can better serve the population. Photo: UNDP PAPP
Following the success of birth and death records digitalization, Ministry and UNDP staff are exploring the potential for electronic records to simplify other kinds of government business. Photo: UNDP PAPP

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